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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between Trusted Plumber and the customer. They represent the only terms and conditions applicable to any contract entered into between Trusted Plumber and the Customer save for any terms and conditions imposed by the manufacturers and or suppliers of goods and products used in the execution of the works carried out as instructed by the customer. The customer is “the person or persons accepting the quotation and as such agreeing to pay the quotation sum together with any additional works instructed by the customer or their agent and agreed with Trusted Plumber” (Dan Welch)

Quotations are provided free of charge and without commitment by the customer to accept the quotation or by Trusted Plumber, to carry out the works described in the quotation.

The quotation is provided to the customer as a confidential document and is not to be passed to third parties without expressed permission of Trusted Plumber.

The quotation is, without exception, subject to these terms and conditions and those of the manufacturers and suppliers of products used to prepare this quotation and subsequently carry out the contracted works.

The quotation is valid for thirty days from the date of typing and all prices are those ruling as of this date. Trusted Plumber reserves the right to amend the quotation after the thirty-day period.

On acceptance, by the customer, of the quotation Trusted Plumber reserves the right to carry out a full detailed survey of the works to be carried out. Should the survey reveal work that was not reasonably evident prior to preparing the quotation Trusted Plumber will submit an amended quotation.

Trusted Plumber reserves the right to withdraw the quotation at any time prior to commencement of the quoted work.

Quotations are subject to changes in Value Added Tax.

Acceptance of any quotation issued by Trusted Plumber will constitute acceptance of Trusted Plumber’s terms and conditions, without any concession, latitude or waiver. Deposits If a quotation is submitted and includes the requirement of a deposit.

This will be noted on the quotation. In the event that a deposit has been paid and the contract is terminated by Trusted Plumber, provided the work has not commenced, the deposit will be returned. In the event that the order to carry out the works is cancelled by the customer; the deposit will be returned less any amount of money expended by Trusted Plumber in the execution of the contract.

Cancellation of Orders for Work.
Cancellation of any commencement of contracts must be made in writing giving fourteen days’ notice prior to the agreed commencement date. Failure to do this will render the customer liable for any cost incurred by Trusted Plumber. This will include the purchase price all goods that we are unable to return to our suppliers and will include charges made by our suppliers for restocking of returnable goods.

Cancellation by the customer after the commencement date will render the customer liable for the full cost of labour and materials used or ordered up to the date of cancellation together with the cost of removing any materials, new or used, from the site and all overheads and profit attributed to the contract.

Access and Facilities
Full access to the property and the site in general is required at all times during the execution of the contract.

Trusted Plumber will not be responsible for the removal of furniture, carpets, floor coverings and belongings within the working area. Prior arrangements can be made with Trusted Plumber to carry out removal of customer or tenants/occupants’ goods to facilitate the execution of the contract without liability to Trusted Plumber for any damage or loss of the said goods.

Work will be carried out and full access required between the hours of 08.00 and 17.00 Monday to Friday. These hours and days may be varied by prior arrangement between Trusted Plumber and the customer.

In the event that the property is in the ownership of a landlord and occupied by a tenant, the responsibility for access etc. as above, rest with the landlords or their agents. Unless agreed between the customer and Trusted Plumber, nothing that will impede continuity of the work is acceptable. Should the continuity of the work be impeded by landlords or tenants/occupants Trusted Plumber reserve the right to recover reasonable cost.

Trusted Plumber will require reasonable and free use of the services in the property, water, gas, fuel oil and electricity, as require to carry out the contracted work.

Existing Services.
A test will be carried out on the existing gas pipe work and appliances within the dwelling prior to the commencement of any gas work to ascertain the soundness of the system. In the event that the test reveals a leak within the dwelling, the responsibility rest with the customer to rectify the leak. Trusted Plumber will be able to quote for tracing the leak and repairing it.

Incoming water mains are on occasions found to be unsuitable, due to the lack of available pressure or flow rate to facilitate the fitting of some types of boiler. Trusted Plumber will check the suitability before commencement of boiler installations. In the event that the incoming mains are inadequate,
Trusted Plumber will not proceed with the installation. It is the customers responsibility to make arrangement with the water supply company to up-grade the incoming supply.

Alterations or extensions to electrical wiring will, under some circumstances, require an up-grade to comply with the regulations regarding fuse boards. Trusted Plumber’s electrician will inspect and advise the customer of compliance and cost if any.

Execution of Work.
Trusted Plumber will not be liable for delays or performance due to any of the following; strikes, lock-outs, hostilities, acts of God, acts of third parties, accidents or any other act or event outside of the control of Trusted Plumber.
Without cost to the customer, Trusted Plumber reserves the right to substitute quoted products with up-dated and improved specification goods without referral to the customer.

The Trusted Plumber quotation is inclusive of the removal from site and subsequent disposal of items removed during the fitting of new parts. No allowance will be made for any variance to this condition. Any value recovered by Trusted Plumber in the event of recycling of goods rest with Trusted Plumber.

No allowance has been made in the quotation for the removal and safe disposal of hazardous materials. The customer will be advised at the time of discovery of this type of material and will be responsible for removal and safe disposal with no liability or cost to Trusted Plumber. We hold no certification or licence to enable us to deal with hazardous materials.

Trusted Plumber will at times employ sub-contractors to carry out part or all of the contracted work, they are under the control and responsibility of Trusted Plumber. They are not authorised to take instruction from customers without referral to Trusted Plumber.

Warranties for boilers are offered by the boiler manufacturers and in general this covers both parts and labour. The boiler manufacturers terms and conditions take priority over any other terms or conditions of Trusted Plumber. Boiler manufacturers terms and conditions are available on request and can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Other ancillary items such as programmers, radiators, valves and pumps etc. Generally, carry a replacement only warranty and commonly last for a year following installation and again are subject to individual manufacturers warranties.

It is important to recognise that warranty claims will usually fail if any of the following applies. The list below is a sample of reasons, it is representative of some common occurrences and by no means exclusive.

  • Work carried out by unqualified persons or persons not Registered with Gas Safe.
  • Products that have been mistreated or damaged whether due to neglect, accidental or malicious acts.
  • Faults caused by hard water creating deposits or sludge, due to the lack of correct maintenance and service.
  • Failure to service boilers in line with manufacturers terms and conditions and recording of the services as proof of compliance.
  • Any alterations to the installed equipment not carried out by Trusted Plumber.

Combi Boilers.
Customers should be aware that the installation of Combined Boilers may not always satisfy the needs of the property. Combined Boilers are limited by the ability to heat the incoming cold water sufficiently quickly enough to supply more than one tap at a time. This is not a fault and is characteristic of most Combination Boilers. It is the responsibility of the customer to check whether the boiler is suitable for the property. Manufacturers literature, websites and help lines are available to guide customers in their choice of boiler

Boiler registrations and warranties will not be completed until final accounts have been paid and funds cleared. Many ancillary products and bathroom taps, showers and sanitary ware have registration cards issued with the manufacturers end user literature. It is the customers responsibility to complete these cards and forward to the address given. Many have on line facilities for registration, again this is the responsibility of the customer.

All accounts become due for payment on receipt of the Trusted Plumber invoice. The invoice will include, wherever possible, all amounts due for any additional works carried out as instructed by the customer or their agent.
Ownership of all goods and equipment, whether fixed or otherwise, rest with Trusted Plumber until all accounts have been paid in full. In the event that customers are unable or unwilling to pay their accounts Trusted Plumber reserves the right to recover their goods and equipment whether fixed or otherwise and customers shall not impede Trusted Plumber in the execution of the condition.

There are no exceptions to these terms and conditions, unless given in writing by Trusted Plumber.

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